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About me

My earliest memory is at the age of three when a teacher from the local Baptist chapel knocked on the front door of my house and asked if there were any children who would like to attend Sunday School. Although my dad counted himself a Methodist, my parents were not not regularly attending church, so they took up the invitation for me and I became a regular. Eight years later I left when we moved house and I joined The Salvation Army in the new town. I got quite involved in communication in The Salvation Army as press officer, publicity officer and editor of the corps magazine.

This developed my interest in Christian graphics — or should I say my interest in graphics for use in a Christian situation. There is a difference! I believe that in order to communicate with people we must meet them where they are and talk about normal everyday things, so I just didn't want pictures of Bible lands and churchy accoutrements. I found Christian Computer Art a great boon because of it's wide range of graphics for use in a Christian situation.

I believe you cannot have too many graphics, so I have created this site to post more graphics and links to other sites where someone in a publicity or teaching role in church will find something of use.

Getting around this site
To the best of my knowledge all the files here are in the public domain and may therefore may be freely distributed.

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Christian Computer Art